OST to PST in Outlook 2010,2013,2016

ost-product-boxMicrosoft Outlook OST files is an offline database created by Microsoft Outlook and MS Exchange to synchronize offline copies of messages and mail in Exchange server. To make it much simpler to understand, you can say that it enables the users to work in an offline mode and then, accompany the changes when the next time MS Exchange Server gets connected.

If the users are struggling with the problem to convert OST to PST then this blog is suitable for them to read. As in this blog, we will be discussing various techniques and the different reason to convert OST to PST. The additional benefits are provided to the user so that they don’t have to worry about the type of Outlook version using. As, Shoviv software support all the version of Outlook is in 2007, 2010, 2013 or 2016, we have emerged as a cure to all these problems.

The basic question that the users are stuck with is that, what are the reasons to convert OST to PST? And what are the demerits that the user face when using the Outlook manual procedure for converting OST to PST? So before moving any further, we would like to discuss the necessity to convert OST to PST.

 Let us find the necessity to convert OST to PST

  • During the system maintenance or system downtime, the user cannot access the mailbox.
  • Exchange server can get crashed unexpectedly due to various causes and may result in displaying error messages.
  • By converting OST to PST, the database can only be recovered even after the system faces an accidental deletion from the mailbox on an exchange server.
  • The Microsoft server can come up with the unusable or unexpected crash, system failure, virus or any other reason such problems. Due to such crashes, you might not be able to connect to MS exchange server. These type of situations are difficult to handle and create certain conditions in which the mailbox will display some errors.

It is always tough for users to change OST file into the personal data file that is to convert offline storage files into MS Outlook profile which are not completely possible using any manual method.

Comparison between manual methods and third-party software

  • The Manual version needs technical expertise in case any error occurs in between the process. On the other hands, Third party software is user-friendly, they do not need any technical expertise as this software allows an easier access to the users.
  • Any mistake during the process may lead to corruption of data and data loss in manual methods, whereas third-party software recovers all the data loss and does not alter any original database during the process.
  • It is impossible for the use to change inbox, contacts and calendars to PST file formats using the manual method. This third-party software can easily convert mailboxes, contacts, calendars without any issue into PST file formats.
  • The user using manual method may need to create a new outlook file to recognize the data whereas in third-party software the user can work on the same outlook file.

Advantage of using Third-party method   

This third party software act as a vital asset when we talk about converting OST to PST files.

  • This software comes with highly advanced scanning mode to convert OST to PST and assure recovery of suddenly deleted emails along with their attachments like contacts, tasks, notes, calendar events.
  • They immediately recover offline outlook OST files from damage and corrupted stage.
  • These software are user-friendly and allow an easier access to the user’s
  • No matter, what the size of OST files might be, it will work efficiently in all the OST files with flourishing results.
  • Third-party software supports all the versions of outlook and windows, so the user does not have to worry about the type of outlook version he/she might be using.

This blog describes the reason and benefits of using third-party tools and also its comparison with the manual method. The information was for the user’s to understand the advantage of this third-party method. This third-party software is easy to access and user-friendly so that even the non-technical user can find it convenient to use.

For more information the free demo version of this software are mentioned below, which allow the user to understand the software better. The free demo version of this software allows the user to process first 25 items per folder.



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